Re-awaken your aliveness through holistic integrative counseling. Together we gently open and shift patterns and core beliefs that block you. One client described this therapy as "the most direct route to problems she had ever seen." Together we'll process what is overwhelming or difficult to generate possibility and fullness.

Much of our everyday suffering is unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are no longer relevant, true or necessary. By slowing down our quick reaction to life events and by integrating more awareness, a person can go beyond his/her patterns to grasp a deeper sense of self. The tangible sense of deeply knowing oneself grounds decisions we make and the way we interact with others. Organicity, a principal in Hakomi Therapy, states that through greater awareness of oneself, a person will naturally make decisions that lead to greater health and happiness. Portland Community Counseling applies Hakomi Therapy one of the premier integrative psychotherapies, Emotionally Focused Therapy an evidence based attachement therapy and NonViolent Communication to help clients succeed in making shifts in their lives.

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Hakomi is a psychotherapy that integrates mind, body and emotions...
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