"I came to counseling looking for guidance. I felt very unhappy and didn't know how to get out of the depression cycles. I knew I needed someone else to talk to, besides family or friends.  I wanted help getting back in touch with my inner voice and intuition. Working with Catherine helped me be more grounded. I used to get overwhelmed easily and spent too much time running through issues in my head. I felt very lost. But Catherine showed me how to get back into my body and deal with how and where I felt things. This way I could finally make decisions again, which helped to get my life back on track."

"I have been in therapy for a little over 15 years. Catherine and I began working together and to put it simply, she has been the single most effective, professional and truly gifted therapist I have had the pleasure of working with. Therapy for most would not be a pleasurable experience, and of course it's not a bowl full of cherries, but Catherine has an energy and passion for what she does and it has truly been a gift and pleasure working with her."

"I worked with Catherine at a therapist training center, and had the privilege of observing her conduct countless sessions. Among the numerous therapists I observed, Catherine stood out as being particularly knowledgeable, skilled, highly intuitive, empathic and compassionate. She is able to gently lead clients to their edge, an invaluable skill which only genuinely great therapists have. In addition to being “a natural”, Catherine’s rigorous training is evident. Lastly, a therapist can only lead a client as far as they have gone themselves, metaphorically speaking. Because Catherine has cultivated her “personhood” more than most people, she is able to be a spacious and powerful container for her clients. For these reasons and more, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to work with her!"

"As a therapist-intern, I observed Catherine conduct a Hakomi session and was immediately impressed by the way her client transitioned into a peaceful state which allowed for access to seemingly heretofore repressed emotions. Impressive indeed, but what was even more impressive, to me, was the way in which Catherine attuned with her client. It’s difficult to put into words, but I strongly sensed a direct fusion with her client which enabled her client to feel safe enough to explore painful emotions that, I’m convinced, became a worthy endeavor to heal. When Catherine conducted a session with me, as is my nature, I was at first a little anxious, but soon Catherine’s soothing presence allowed me to reach a quiet and comfortable condition suitable for exploration. While Catherine was the leader of this inner expedition, I felt we were a team. I felt safe because I experienced Catherine as an ally. We explored internal relationships between my mind, body, and spirit. We paid special and prolonged attention to matters of the heart, an area I realized there and then that was of supreme importance to me. In one session I gained tremendous insight, but the benefit of my Hakomi session did not end there. It has now been five weeks since that session, and I am still feeding off of the fruitful awareness gained from this eye-opening experience."


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